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Named Best Physical Therapy Practice by Arlington Magazine's readers in 2021

Proper recovery is essential for training and competing at your highest potential, while decreasing your risk for injury, muscle soreness, and fatigue. Advanced Kinetics recovery room will give you the tools to recover efficiently and faster by incorporating a variety of tools to actively recover the body, and help aid in the recovery process.

Physical Therapists are also on staff to assess if there are any underlying medical conditions.

Recovery Aides

Alter G: Anti Gravity Treadmill:

  • Unweighted running: Reduced impact on joints surfaces, musculature, and general stress on the body
  • Gait Analysis: Advanced technology such as the stride smart system can allow for gait and video analysis to measure cadence, stride symmetry and length, and side to side weight bearing differences
  • Ability to gradually re-introduce gravity and increase weight bearing as tolerated after an injury 

Normatec Boot:

  • Patterned massage and compression that mimics the body’s natural motions of the arms and legs to remove fluids and metabolites from the body after an intense workout. These pulsing movements are helpful preventing injuries and accelerating recovery time

Infrared Sauna 

  • Pain relief: Infrared sauna expands blood vessels and increases circulation promoting healing to injured areas
  • Reduce stress: heat loosens and relaxes musculature decreasing stress on the body 
  • Improves skin: infrared heat improves circulation, removes dead skin cells, and expels toxins from the skin
  • Weight Control and boost immune system


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