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Named Best Physical Therapy Practice by Arlington Magazine's readers in 2021

Personal training is a great tool for everyone from novices just beginning their fitness journey, to someone with experience who’s recovering from an injury and looking for accommodating exercises, to someone more experienced looking to achieve specific fitness goals. A personal trainer will work with you 1 on 1 to develop an individualized plan that suits your specific needs based on things like your fitness goals, your experience, any pre-existing injuries, and your current physical capabilities.

Working with a personal trainer helps increase your accountability and goal-setting when it comes to your workout routine. They’re also there to correct your form, utilize functional movement, and help you learn more about health, fitness, and your body. We know delving into the world of fitness can often feel overwhelming, but the encouragement and support of a personal trainer can help take away the stress so you can just focus on putting in the work.

At AKPT our medical professional team consists of physical therapists and personal trainers specializing in sports performance. Our team collaboratively works together to provide the resources needed to give the best quality care possible. This allows our patients to reach their full potential through every phase of recovery and wellness. We offer personal training and specific sports performance-based programs instructed by a certified personal trainer. It is our goal to help people recover from injuries, achieve their fitness goals, increase sports performance, and live a healthier lifestyle.

Personal training incorporates 1 on 1 individualized sessions based on your fitness goals, evaluation and functional movement screen. Our services include a thorough evaluation and a personalized program designed for your specific needs. Monthly re-evaluations will be performed to track your progress.

Private team training provides a sport-specific approach to building strength, increasing speed/agility, and preventing sport-specific injuries. This training is a program designed specifically for your team’s needs.

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