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Advanced Kinetics offers a variety of Injury Prevention Programs which include Overhead Throwing, ACL, and Running.

Yearly injury screens can be performed by our highly qualified physical therapists to assess current physical condition and advise clients on a course to reach their full health potential.


The Overhead Throwing Athlete Prevention Program is a 6 week program designed to address the specific needs of the overhead throwing athlete. The program consists of a thrower’s screen and individualized program created based of the findings from the screen.  A video of the athlete throwing can be utilized to design the plyometric component of the program to achieve better throwing mechanics and utilization of the whole kinetic chain involving in throwing. The athlete will train 2 x per week with each session consisting on a dynamic strengthening program for the entire kinetic chain, core stabilization, plyometric drill program to improve arm strength and mechanics.

AKPT also offers additional Overhead Throwing Athlete services which include:

• Video analysis
Overhead strength assessment and movement screen including a video analysis for several prevention exercises and correction drills
6 Week Overhead Strength Program

The Overhead Throwing Athlete Program is not just for patients. AKPT offers this program as a full workshop for coaches, teams and clubs and will perform the program  onsite or in our Falls Church clinic.

AKTP will also provide training, education and perform speaking engagements for coaches, parents and athletes. Please contact [email protected] for more information and program pricing.


F. A. S. T ™ Female Athlete Sports Training Program is offered for male and female athletes, athletes transitioning to return to sports, and teams/clubs on site or in the clinic.  Please contact [email protected] for more information and pricing.

AKPT also offers additional ACL services which include:

• ACL Screen includes several prevention exercises
• ACL Screen with video analysis includes several prevention exercises
• Follow up session

F. A. S. T ™ Female Athlete Sports Training Program is also offered for teams and clubs on site or in the clinic please contact [email protected] for more information and pricing.

Team and club programs are also available and included the injury screens and prevention programs built into everyday practices with jump landing technique instruction.

Please contact [email protected] for more information and program pricing as well as learn about our educational materials as well as and speaking engagement for coaches, parents and athletes.


A comprehensive biomechanical evaluation, video analysis and dorsaVi sensor technology is used to evaluate your running gait will be performed to identify any dysfunctions contributing to your running injury or to help you improve on your running performance.

• Evaluation and Video analysis
• One follow up session
• Corrective exercises

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